What Does A Man Look For in a Woman And How Does the Woman Use it For Her Benefit

What Does A Man Look For in a Woman And How Does the Woman Use it For Her Benefit?

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I work as a night guard, and I am surrounded by a woman’s attention every day. The interest of some women affects me more than others, and for that, ladies, I will give you some tips on how to bring down the man you like or have you!
What is the man looking for in a woman? This is the question that each of you is asking. I will respond to you – men are elemental beings and the first thing we notice is the appearance. We notice every little detail – from dress to make up. You may be the smartest or the funniest woman in the world, but if you are unsupported, none of us will even talk to you to understand your hidden talents.
So do your conclusion !!! If you want to win a man – entice it with your appearance! I can not understand women who are alone and go to a discotheque to find half but dress up like nuns. Okay, I agree that it’s stylish, but go out with a girlfriend or go to the office to smile in front of your colleagues and colleagues with good taste.

But at the disco go out elegantly dressed … absurd! .. who man will look at you !!! Perhaps only someone with whom the chick chicks have no chance to bind him! But you do not want a lost loser! You’re all high – you’re looking for the real man and you want him to notice you!

So he dropped excess modesty, both in his behavior and in his clothing. Dress up sexy, be attractive and try to look like this, That from where you go, all men turn after you. Your target will also remain indifferent!
So we have specified that the first thing we notice in a woman is appearance. You have to be attractive, sexy temptress … not boring and business.

What is the second thing that grabs our attention? I do not know if there is a chest or butt, but you definitely need to pay special attention to both. Put a blouse with a deep neckline, believe me, no man will look away from you … or more precisely from your chest.

As for the butt … a no man who does not look at a nice and tight butt. So, try to dress up with something sexy and tight on your body and walk freely and freely, making sure you gently poke it, of course, without seeming to do it on purpose. There will be no man,

Another thing that men are crazy about his hair! A long and lush mane makes you look so feminine and tempting for us. This is one of the most powerful weapons of women! Use it! Yes, short hair is easy to maintain and stylish in its own way, but you can not seduce a man with her. Believe me!

As for makeup, I and most men like women who are less bored. I’ve seen pretty pathetic sights – some women get so overdone that you can safely mistake them with a circus clown. Well, this is not at all attractive, but rather comical! And some men do not have an innate delicacy and will laugh at you directly in the face! So be careful! You’d better be more natural than funny!

But do not overdo it with the natural image, so you are not even unobtrusive! You must be somewhere in the middle – not too elegant or too vulgar.

You must at all times give you confidence and walk with your head raised, saying, “Look at me, I am the most beautiful and I am perfectly aware of it!”


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