Selecting The Best Washing Machine For Smart Home

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How to Select washing machine in India may prove a difficult task as there are different kinds of washing machines and other factors you need to know before buying. That is the reason you have to read this buying guide on how you can select the best washing machine in India before purchasing a washing machine in India for domestic use. Try our Washing Machine buying guide to select right washing machine according to your need.

selecting washing machine in India will depend on your ability to identify a few of the factors and things to consider before buying washing machine of your choice. For example, a good number of washing machines differ in capacity, load, and function, while they have various features like the quick wash, wash programs, hot wash/temperature control, digital display, protective rat mesh, child lock, delay start, and fuzzy logic.

Washing machine capacity — There are small and large capacity washing machines. Your selection will depend on your family size and washing need.

Washing machine loading type — You’ve got the choice to choose between front loading washing machine and top loading washing machine, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Washing machine function types — Washing machine may be semi-automatic or fully-automatic, depending on the one which will meet your requirements and budget.

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Washing machine kinds

Depending on the individual intervention, a number of purposes, washing machines are categorized into 2.

  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • Fully automatic washing machine

Washing machine features

Fuzzy logic:
Fuzzy logic enables to automatically select best washing conditions like clean time, amount of water and detergent, depending on a load of clothes. But, fuzzy logic has no racks, fuzzy logic working varies from brand to brand.

Quick Wash
Quick wash completes the wash cycle faster than normal wash cycle. How much time it reduces in clean cycle completely depends upon a load of clothes.It’s most useful characteristic, once you are in a hurry to go somewhere and wish to wash clothing as early as you can.

Delay start 

Some peoples prefer to soak a cloth in detergent for a few hour or a while before wash for best wash quality. For soaking, delay start is the most useful feature. It allows you to begin washing machine at a predetermined time. This feature allows setting the time for after the number of hours needs to start the machine. Washing machine fills the required amount of detergent, water and stops the machine until a predetermined time. Within this time, clothes soak in detergent water which removes strain easily.

Steam Wash

This one is the most innovative feature and accessible in most expensive washing machines only. It utilizes heat, heat, and humidity and passes on these clothes with forces. Stream wash helps to remove tough stains and leaves clothes odor free.

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